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Who makes the best wallet you can buy in 2019? 6 of the best mens wallets I’ve sourced
from around the world. These wallets fall into the minimalist wallet
or slim wallet category. See which wallet you like best. In 6th place the Secrid Twin wallet. Made in Holland this twin design offers the
most storage from the Secrid wallet collection. The unique selling point that makes the Twinwallet
stand out is the automatic credit card eject system. Cards in the award winning centre aluminium
card holder compartment are RFID protected from digital theft. Although the lever eject feature looks interesting
I’d say it’s impractical to live with as the lever is not located where your thumb
or index finger rests. I find the cash compartment is also difficult,
having to unravel the wallet feels like it’s a hindrance more than a benefit. Undeniably the material quality with its full
grain leather exterior and aluminium centre really stand out. The Secrid wallet remains massively popular
and easily makes it onto my list. It demands a deserved premium price, although
I believe difficult to buy outside of Europe. Next on my list the Urban Slim wallet from
Key Smart. This wallet is when you’re wearing tight
fitting jeans or you just need a minimalist wallet and don’t wan’t to leave anything
behind. You have fast access card holder pockets front
and reverse, Full RFID protection for all cards. And you have a centre section for cash, coins,
cards, or anything else that fits. There’s a dedicated purpose-fit pocket for
an optional Tile Slim tracker which allows you to locate your wallet with a mobile app
should you loose it. This one has the most advanced material out
of all the wallets I’m going to show you. Made from Tectuff it’s a high performance
heavy duty material said to last up to x10 times longer than traditional leather. Described as fused at the molecular level
making it impervious to dirt, oil and stain penetration. I was unable to defeat it with water, red
wine, or with used engine oil. In 4th place I have the original Fantom Wallet. I’ve tested the newer Fantom R wallet also
but the original wallet is still available and offers massive customisable choice for
you to design your own custom wallet from their online configurator. In particular I like this one for the optional
coin holder. The Fantom wallet is the only wallet today
with a dedicated coin compartment. Unique to the Fantom wallet is the fan like
action for fast credit card access. I used this wallet extensively as it’s great
to live with daily. It’s fun to operate and almost weightless
in this carbon version. On the reverse is a money clip for cash or
business cards. I prefer to push cash in the card compartment
where it’s tucked away safely. This real carbon version doesn’t have RFID
blocking, but all other Fantom wallets do. In 3rd Place is the awesome Flipside 4 wallet. This is the wallet I personally use every
day. I’ve owned the wallet around 2 years. Card access could not be easier with its simple
flip over organisation. Up to 6 cards go in the centre section and
all benefit from RFID protection. An ID card or driver’s licence can go here. And a deep space here means you have room
for all kinds of extra things. Specifically this part is designed for cash
but is a versatile space. The build of the wallet feels over engineered
with the button and hinge offering precision and strength. The Flipside 4 has a hard body polymer and
is available in many colors. It’s never scratched in my extensive use
of the wallet despite keeping it in my pocket in contact with keys and coins. It’s ultra compact with tapered edges making
it easy to get in and out of tight fitting pockets, and it will never damage your clothes. The Mighty wallet from Dynomighty made it
all the way to my second place. A cheeky design that’s hard not to love. The Mighty wallet is made from a single folded
sheet of TYVEK. This one is printed in a note paper design
but it’s not actually paper. Theres a wide range of designs to choose. This is the cheapest wallet here so its worth
a look. The TYVEK material is what makes it so much
fun, it resists tearing and is super strong. The Mighty wallet also expands making this
both the slimmest wallet here and offers the most storage! The traditional bi-fold design offers fast
access compartments in the centre and at the ends as well as two separate large cash compartments. Watch my original Mighty wallet review to
find the secret compartment. There’s no RFID blocking built in to this
wallet but you can buy cards like this one that act as an RFID Blocker for up to 3 cards
either side of it. This is one I tested previously. Before I reveal the final wallet just a quick
mention that more information is available in the video description for each product
shown. So check that out and Subscribe if you want
to see more new products to feature soon. In 1st place the Apollo wallet. A new Andar wallet. With some of the wallets on my list being
very niche the Andar wallet makes your safest bet if you’re buying it as a gift for some
one else. Recently featured on my channel this is currently
their newest design wallet which incorporates the best features from wallets across the
Andar collection. The Apollo wallet will appeal to those that
really want a modern RFID blocking minimalist wallet, and that also want a traditional looking
wallet with familiar materials. What you’ll like most is the very premium
and impressive crazy horse leather. They offer the Apollo in Cork for as a vegan
alternative. This one in black Full grain leather will
be a popular choice, coated with a special wax it gains character over time as its worn.,
changing appearance giving you an authentic glossy mature look. You have quick access card compartments on
the outside, more credit card pocket slots on the inside, and a money clip that allows
for multiple cash bills to be easily accessed. All card pockets are protected from unwanted
RFID skimming keeping your data safe. Let me know your favourite in the comments. See ya.

James Carver

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