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Hi everyone, I’m Karen, welcome back to
my channel. Today I’m going to be showing you five ways
to embellish a plain shirt. They’re all super simple, there is a little
bit of sewing, but not with a machine just hand sewing, trust me, anyone can do these. Also I think all of them could work no matter
what type of shirt you want to work on – I went to H&M and I just bought a bunch of plain
crop tops but if you feel more comfortable in a like full-coverage t-shirt, I think pretty
much all of them should still work, no matter what cut of shirt you feel the most comfortable
in. Also can I just brag for a second. I walked into H&M with fifty dollars worth
of gift cards, I walked around picking up everything that I wanted, not really keeping
track of how much it was all gonna cost. And then I got up to the register and my total
was 49 dollars and like, 15 cents. You guys. I think I’m like a secret psychic shopping
savant. Ok anyway, let’s get into the DIYs. So for this first one I’m using a crop top
that was literally three dollars as well as a necklace from the sale section which was
also three dollars. A little hack is to always look at the accessories
on sale not just to use them for what they’re used for but to take them apart. For this necklace, I’m using using jewelry
pliers to open up the jump rings holding it all together. So I ended up with this chain which I can
now use in a different project. And I have these leaf beads, which are actually
really good quality, they’re made of metal and they’re really sturdy. But I can’t put black decorations on a black
shirt, so I went ahead and spray painted them white. Next I arranged my design on the shirt and
I decided to just use the larger leaves to make this cute neckline. I’m using black embroidery thread and a
needle and I’m just going to sew each one of them on. Now you can see that when I tug on it, it
isn’t going anywhere. However I realized that with black thread
on a black shirt, you couldn’t really see what I was doing, so I did one in yellow just
so that you guys could see it better, but I actually cut that off and redid it in black
afterwards so it would match the others. So once all of those were on there, I didn’t
actually love how they were all kind of flopping around, so I threaded my needle with normal
sewing thread and I just put in one stitch through this bottom hole to keep them in place. And that’s it. I love how this came out, it’s definitely
something I would have picked up at the store, but I made it for six dollars instead of the
twenty it probably would have cost off the rack. Next I’m actually using the exact same shirt,
I bought two of them. I also got these patches off the sale rack,
and the label said they were fifty percent off of the original eight dollars, but when
I got up to the register, they only charged me one dollar each. Two dollars for all these patches, I think
that’s a pretty good deal. It took me a few minutes to decide which one
I wanted to put on the shirt, but I ended up going with this Um, no patch. So just follow the directions that come with
whatever patches you’re using – mine says to set my iron to the cotton setting and then
press it down over a damp cloth for one minute. And after a minute, turn it over and iron
the back of the shirt for another minute. And that’s it. I love this so much and I kind of want to
go back and get a bunch more of these shirts to put the rest of the patches onto those
as well. Next I got this shirt which is a similar cut
but it’s more of a ribbed type of fabric. I also have this rainbow gradient ric rac,
which is actually left over from a project I did ages ago on Handmade where I made ric
rac flowers. So to use up the rest of this, I decided to
just add it to the bottom of the shirt. I couldn’t really sew it on, because it’s
so many different colors that I would have had to use like 10 different colors of thread
and that just seemed like way too much work. So instead I just used fabric glue to glue
it down. I did the middle of the shirt first and let
that set for about 20 minutes. And then I came back to cut off the excess
and make sure the ends were glued down securely. One thing to note with this is that since
the ric rac isn’t stretchy and the fabric glue isn’t stretchy, it kind of makes the
shirt harder to take on and off, I have to do a little wiggle every time. So just make sure you don’t go all the way
around the back, because then it really would have been impossible to put on. Just be extra careful with this method if
you’re working with a stretchy shirt that doesn’t have any other zippers or closures. But anyway, this took no time at all and I
love how it adds a little unique touch without being so out there that everyone is like,
what the heck is she wearing? Speaking of which, for this next one I may
have gone a little pom pom crazy. You might recognize this shirt since I wear
it all the time in my videos, but I bought a second one and I pulled out this pom pom
trim that I got forever ago. I think it would look so cute around the top
of this wide necked shirt. The trick here is to match your thread to
the trim, not to the shirt. You can see how since I’m using white thread,
the stitches just disappear and you don’t have to be super neat since you can’t really
see them. So once I got to the end, I made sure to sew
down the ends with a bunch of stitches. And we’re done. I love that this decoration goes all the way
around the front and the back, and since I sewed it on myself, I know that it is totally
unique. And finally, I got a third one of that same
three dollar shirt, except in a green color this time. For this one, I’m using iron on letters
to make a bit of bootleg merch for my favorite podcast My Favorite Murder. Obviously you can make yours say whatever
you want, but I’m a murderino and I want the world to know it. So you’ll just want to follow the directions
that come with your iron on letters to attach them on there. Mine says to set my iron to the cotton setting
and press the iron on letters for about 20 seconds. Then flip it inside out and press the back
for another 20 seconds. And that’s it. The N did end up a little wonky, but otherwise
I love this. One thing to note – if you make this same
exact saying, you will need two packages of the iron on letters which I’ll link right
down below. There weren’t quite enough E’s and D’s
in one package to do the whole thing. So I would love to know in a comment right
down below which of those ideas was your favorite. And I know some of you might be wondering
if these can still go in the wash, and I think they should all be ok. When I wash them, I’ll probably air dry
them instead of putting them in the dryer, but as long as you put them in a mesh bag
in the washing machine so that they don’t get too banged up, I think they should all
be ok. So if you’re still watching all the way
to the end, as always, your code word is right behind me – Shirt Happens. Put that in the comments and you are going
to be my absolute number one favorite person. Alright, don’t forget to like this video
and subscribe and I’ll see you all next time.

James Carver

53 Replies to “5 Ways to Customize a Shirt for Summer (Easy Diys)”

  1. Omg Karen I love you, your such a crazy wierdo like me, I also love diys, you should see my diy room decor…. Xoxo love from South Africa

  2. The black top with the pom poms looks so cute😍 That's my favourite one.
    You always inspire me😍
    #ShirtHappens 😂😂

  3. How cute, I like your runway moves lol. Is that your next saying "shirt happens". That would be a great idea. Love your channel.

  4. I made an actual squeak noise when I saw the SSDGM shirt!!!!! Omg!!!!❤
    Also is the shirt "stay out of the forest" green?
    (Shirt happens)

  5. Try stretching the shirt while gluing the ribbon on- it may look crinkled while off, but when stretched around your body it should remain flat!

  6. I liked the leaves best and the rainbow rick rack. I was watching thinking I wonder if she stretched the shirt a bit while glueing that on…anyway shirt happens!

  7. Love your lightbox saying, LOL! My favorite was the first one with the leaves, with the Pom Pom shirt being a close second!

  8. Karen I have a weird thing to tell you
    You said you love true crime and a you are a graphic designer you should do a collab wuth Kendall Rae on her mercy would appreciate if you read my comment

  9. Omg number 1 is my favorite
    “shirt happens “definitely subscribing hope you can subscribe to my channel as well 😊

  10. Secret Psychic Shopping Savant! Once at my old job a client told us about some stuff she had bought on sale and joked that she might be a "shopping alcoholic" – I really hope she just meant "shopaholic" but the phrase has always stuck with me!

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