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HI friends welcome back to my channel
if you are new welcome my name is Christine
today I’m gonna do a really great compiling video I’m actually so excited
for this because I love jackets and coats but this is gonna be a five jacket
slash coat – every girl needs to have in her closet I apologize in advance as the
TV outside is super super loud Brad and I live with his grandma and sometimes
she’s hard of hearing so she has it turned up like all the way so all the
neighbors can hear – anyways these are gonna be like must-have jackets and
coats I always keep in rotation when I’m traveling these are the coats and I pack
with me when I go back to Seattle before we go and dive in first make sure you
hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and the little notification belt
and without further ado let’s go ahead and get started
also I just filmed a full face of my favorite makeup so that is a makeup that
I have on right now I am obsessed with the way that it looks I feel like I’ve
been traveling so much in the last few weeks I haven’t really been home and
been able to dive into my makeup collection so if you guys want to see
like a little tutorial sash recap of all my favorite make up that video will be
coming soon and the sweater that I’m wearing is also
from a ritzy ax at the goody else we’ll link it down below but anyways let’s go
ahead and get started so the first coat I want to talk about is a long wool coat
like this is such a staple for layering especially back in Seattle it gets
freezing so I think it’s great to have a great coat that is really good for
layering so you can wear more under layers underneath and kind of layer it
up if you are going somewhere that it’s a little bit more chilly and I just find
that these coats are just super super versatile while I wash me I like that
so this coat so this one from Babbitt on I have
warned the heck out of it is super super long and it has these gorgeous slits
down the side I have put so many of my girlfriend’s onto this coat actually was
shopping with one of my girlfriends Madison and she picked up a gray one in
this coat and it’s from a ritzy ahta is really really expensive is around $250
but I wear this coat so often and I get so many compliments on it that I think
is absolutely worth your money it is also such a striking piece
whenever I have it on it just elevates my outfit and makes me look super super
expensive so many different ways that you can wear this coat it’s so versatile
and really really thick and I do find that it does keep me warm even though it
is wool it’s super comfortable so I could wear it on top of my bare skin if
I wanted to similar to that we have another long wool coat and this one is
actually just gray so even though it looks like it’s a little bit thicker I
actually find that the two coats provide the same amount of warmth the ritzy oh
one just is a little bit more high-quality and it’s 100% wool so it’s
super super warm this Co is also really great actually picked it up in Japan at
GU but Uniqlo also has very similar things so it’s just a beautiful very
structured coat and this one has a collar whereas over T one doesn’t if I
were to pick just one color to have like a thick wool coat and I would obviously
pick the black one I wear the heck out of that one but this gray ones also just
very very beautiful I’ll go ahead and link both of these as well as some
affordable and other options as well second coat that I think is a must-have
is a bomber jacket and I wear bombers so often especially like a really good
cropped one because I just find that it gives you such a cool edgy shape
especially here in LA when it doesn’t get super super cold but you just need
something to throw on top I just find that the shape of a bomber is so
cool-looking and the crop shape of it also just really goes with so many
different things usually bombers are also waterproof as well so that gives
you like a little extra added benefit third coat that I think is a staple is a
statement coat this one here is from Zara I wore it in my San Francisco vlog
and offer Diaries I wear this Co all the time all over my Instagram and it’s one
of my thing I picked it up like a year and a half
ago but I wear it so much I actually love that it’s a steady material because
it ends up being super super warm and I get colds very easily so even when I’m
here and it’s like spraying I’m like oh it’s crazy she get a lot of wear out of
this but if you live somewhere colder like Canada New York you definitely can
get a lot of wear out of something like this because it is so cozy and warm I
just find that the brown color is just so chic and I just think this coat is
just such a great statement piece another coat that I really like is this
one from Wilfred free and I wore this one when I was in Japan but I love this
coat so much when I went to visit Seattle last week my sister was like
where’s your red paw coat that’s my favorite coat of yours why didn’t you
bring it and I was like oh this coat it’s still sold out already I actually
picked it up the rifting for only $30 I think the guy that sold it to me like
did not realize the value of this coat I have it in a size small but it’s still
for sale out of it Zia right now for like $150 but I think this jacket sashko
is totally worth the money because it just looks so high-end and expensive and
it almost looks like it could be like a menswear coat and it is like 78 percent
wool 22% polyester so it is really really warm and cozy when I was in SF I
also wore the heck out of this and I just threw a wrinkle over it gave me so
much warmth and it was just such a great pop of color that really did take up any
outfit that I was wearing my fourth jacket sash coat that I think every girl
needs to have her in her closet is a leather jacket so I definitely need a
new one because I got this one so many years ago but this one’s actually from
blank and I see at Nordstrom but this is such a beautiful structured leather
jacket and I feel like these are so useful because it gives you that cropped
shape so this is really great if you’re going out or you’re wearing a dress and
you just need something to throw on top that kind of keeps the level of
sophistication if that makes them back when I did real estate and I worked in
an office I still wore my leather jacket I think it looks really cool over like a
blouse it gives you a lot of structure and shape but it also can be really cool
and edgy if you want to wear like a hoodie underneath or like a crop top
these are just so versatile and I think a good leather jackets definitely a must
have in every single closet last but not least we have the puffer I feel like
it’s not the most fashionable thing but realistically I wear this so often
whenever I travel somewhere that I know it’s gonna be cold or rainy I always
bring this and it actually it packs up super super small it doesn’t look like
it right now at all but I can actually compact it and make it super super small
so it’s easy to pack with it’s super lightweight but it still keeps me super
super warm and it also is pretty waterproof it’s not gonna keep you warm
in like the downpour I pack this when I went to SF Brandon when I went back to
Seattle and it just gave me the perfect amount of weather fighting yeah okay
anyways you just need this jacket okay this one also by the way if I didn’t
mention it is from a ritzy ax and it’s the long version that’s from TNA I
really really like it and it’s a reasonable price as well I believe it I
would say that’s just around a hundred dollars so anyways that was a quick
little recap it wasn’t so much a styling video just because I have so many recent
styling videos where I styled these coats because they are my staples and I
do wear them so much I’ll go ahead and put like a playlist to some of my recent
lookbook so if you want to check that out I hope you all enjoyed this video
and found it helpful if you did make sure you give the video a big thumbs up
let me know down in the comments what you’d like to see next and I will see
you guys next time bye oh and Merry Christmas

James Carver

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  1. You need to go thrifting, would love to see what you find. My best pieces are from the thrift store because as you can imagine they were made at a time of better quality manufacturing and they've been washed a million times and still in great condition.

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