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100 Replies to “15 Minute CHALLENGE ⏰ QUICK and EASY Lunch Ideas for Kids”

  1. Hi Jennifer, can you make my lunch?!? Main course- diy uncrustable. Snack- Cheetos. Sweet treat- chocolate chips. Fruit- grapes. Veggie- potatoes. Obviously ranch for lily. Plz choose me!! 💛💛💛✌️ PS— I am Harveen and live in California

  2. We had a girls night, we had pesto pizza, baked treats, we colored and did some art then we watched the Valentine’s Day episode from season two of parks and rec.

  3. This was such a great concept! I also thought of the idea of cooking a chicken in a Crock-Pot and using the meat for different lunches all week long! Love this video ❤️

  4. Happy Belated Valentine's Day to the 👪 Family Fudge.💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💗🌷🌷💗🌷💗🌷💗🌷💗

  5. I love your lunches where do you find the little containers for ranch dressings and the little picks and the cartoon characters on the juice containers?They are so your 💅 nail polish.TFS Jennifer.

  6. Very cute lunches this week. Going to get those cutters for when I have lunch with my grandson. I always make his lunch. Tfs

  7. I made Valentines lunches for my kids yesterday and used all ideas I learned from your channel. I made peek-a-boo heart sandwiches, heart cut-out carrots, and the Babybel cheese rounds with a heart cut-out in it. My 5-year-old daughter (named Lily too!) said her friends wanted her lunch 😋 So thank you for all of your great ideas! You're so creative and I watch all of your videos. I look forward to watching your channel every day because you are my comfort channel 😊

  8. At about 4 minutes you said Tuesday’s lunch is going to be gluten free. I was wondering if the bread was gluten free? Also the guava bites first ingredient is wheat flour. I’ve been watching for a while and I usually find your allergy friendly meals very accurate. I was just wondering if it was an error in editing.

  9. For valentine's day I was with my true love❤️

    Netflix and his friend popcorn🍿

    Where r all my single pringles❤️😂

  10. If your sprinkles alternative was around last week 🤦‍♀️ I work with kids who can’t eat cane sugar! I ended up food dying some coconut shreds. They loved it! But it’s definitely not the same. Going to try these next time!

  11. Have you ever tried chicken salad with mandarine orange pieces and/or pineapple pieces? Another version is with mushrooms. I love the kind with fruit!

  12. Lol most cats actually love chicken just as much as tuna. Our cats LOVE chicken. They actually prefer it over tuna so the chicken was great for a cat theme 🙂

  13. Doesn’t McKenzie get hungry? That’s a tiny portion for a 10 year old my 10 year old would still be hungry on those 5 year old portions.

  14. i love your vids sooo much you always inspire me to make cool lunches for me and my sister!! can i pls have a shoutout?

  15. Please do another mystery youtube family! See if JHouse Vlogs or Not Enough Nelson's would be interested in collaborating! I LOVE both channels

  16. It is so cool that they get to go to Disney! They are so lucky to have such a cool mum to make them such awesome lunches! Keep up the great work 😁💕

  17. @thefamilyfudge love your videos! My daughter will be starting school this September and I'm taking notes! Lol. Do you always put an ice pack under the lunch box in the lunch bag?

  18. So many fun ideas! I love the freeze dried strawberry idea.
    I have the yellow dog sandwich cutout and it never turns out well. You're a pro!

  19. I love you guys so much can I pls have a shout out? I have been watching ur channel for years and it always makes me smile.

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