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Music Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy you’ve read the title. Today, I am going to tell you 10 faction designer the names that you, yes you, pronouncing incorrectly. And I bet, you come here like, oh yeah, let’s see, let’s see, what a British Girl! with missing finger nails is gonna accuse me of. Wow, you might surprise this sound because I surprise myself. What did we said in this video. I am by no means a faction expert I am, however, extremely interested in pronounciation. And I know a lot of, you guys, are as well sound like you know, like you’re talking about. So A lot of you will be here, because you want to improve English speaking and pronounciation and sound that you want to be more professional . When talking about these brands. If you like take your English a step further, then I really really recommend “Audible” . When I come to improving the pronounciation and sometimes reading just isn’t enough, but listening audiobooks really shows you how each word is pronounced. So there is the link in the description box, you can click on it and you can sign up for 30 days for free trial and free audiobook. I’ve got some recommendations in there for audiobooks, read with a British English Accent and also an American English Accent as well. You can choose whichever is more relevant for you. That’ve been said. Let’s get started with this video. Now, the first one is this one, Hermés. Heyyy… What a Gorgeous brand, and I always always wanted one of their fancy belts. I’ve never been able to justify one those. This one, I used to pronounce that “HƠ-MEI-S”. But upon doing my research, I found out that It should be pronounced, “E-MES”, “E-MES”. “E-MES” Not because it’s a French designer and the “H” is silent. The next one,”ADIDAS” this one, oh my god, I’ve heard so many variations for the pronounciation. And this brand I’ll give you a clue, the founder of the brand which is called “Adolph Dassler” “Adolph Dassler” And nick name was “A-DI” So brand is an fusion of his nick name and his surname. his nick name-ADI, and his surname is DAS=>ADIDAS. I sometimes hear /a’dides/ or /adi’das/ or /a’di’das/ But yeah, it should be /’adidas/. The next one, another French one, one I am likely to butcher It is what I would originally called “BALMAN”. But it should actually be pronouced /Bou mân/, /Bou mân/ The Frenchies don’t like pronouncing the end the “N” of words. /Bou-ma/, /Bou-ma/. I think I need a France lesson. Then we have this one, “LOEWE”. Like many of you, I imagine, I looked at this and I thought /LOU/ I thought it was gonna be called /LOU/. But it’s not It’s the Spanish brand and that “W” is actually pronounced “V” So it is /LU-E-VI/ , /LU-‘E-VI/, /LU-E-‘VI/, /LU-E-VI/. That’s a sexy word. The next one “MOCHINO”. It is not /MƠ-SHI-NOU/ It is not /MƠ-SHI-NOU/. It is actually pronounced /MÔ-SKI:-NOU/ , /MÔ-SKI:-NOU/. which is, because, it is an Italian brand and anything with “SCH”, I say “SKI:”, “SKI:”, /MÔ-SKI:-NOU/. There are something on my floor, “VERSACE”. It’s /VỜ-SÁ-SI/ Actually, it’s not a /VỜ-SÁ-SI/. It is an Italian word and it should be /VỜ-SHÁ-SI/ /VỜ-SHÁ-SI/ The next one “NIKE”. It’s not /NAIK/. It is /NAI-KÌ/ The next one is “THIERRY MUGLER”. And it’s more /THÌ-E-LÝ MU-G-LỜ/. We will so have “SAINT LAURENT”. Instead of /SAN-LO-RONG/…/SA-LO/ /SA-LOW-ONT/. Now the difficulty with this is the French “R” The French “R” sounds which is the /HƠ/,/HƠ/, from the back and I find very difficult to produce. We also have one that is a really really common limit pronounce in the UK. And the reason we know we mispronounce it, it’s because the phrase word that is in French. And it should be “RALPH LAUREN”=>/ROU-‘FLO-RANT/. But we for some reason pronounce it /ROU-‘FLO-RENT/ Another difficult one is “GIVENCHY”. /GI-VONG-SHI/. Oh, that is a tongue twister. Now, the next one, it’s not a fashion brand. But it is a luxury item. And it is “PORSCHE”. We would call in the UK /’PO:-SH/ But it is actually called with 2 syllable, it should be /’PU-SHO/. And I test with my boyfriend, who’s really into cars and he said /’PO-SH/ as well. When it should be /’PO-SHO/. So yeah, really common mistake. But bear that on in mind. That’s it for today video, I hope you like it and I hope you learn something. Don’t forget to connect with me on all of my social media. I’ve got m Facebook, I’ve got my Instagram and I’ve got my Twitter an I see you soon for another lesson. Moahhhhhhh Music.

James Carver

100 Replies to “12 Brands YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY”

  1. Maybe
    It is all maybe
    Divine Will Trumps personal will.
    German ego reflected in phrase Triumph of Will.
    Life in accordance with divine Will is a pleasure not a struggle. I struggle to pronounce nothing. In infancy I knew every consonant vowel sound: such is greatness of Angrji English and Sweet Gurmukhi Panjabee.
    I love&adore mathematics .
    Music keeps me breathing.
    After dabbling in astrology I now self study science for superior weapons that don’t harm Prakriti air water earth akash r desperately needed.
    I adore the elements but hate almost all kaljewg avadi.
    Very few persons on Earth r good.

  2. i was searching for how to pronounce "Bebe". it sent me here. there's no "Bebe" here….. but you have nice teeth, a pretty tongue, & a good White girl bottom lip lol 😍☮

  3. Actually for number 1 it would be pronounced er-maze because in French (I’m French Canadian so idrk) É is said like an A. Also, In Canada, everyone pronounces Nike like nigh-key anyways.

  4. But who gives a rat's ass about fashion designers? I'm sure I pronounced rat correctly. I've always pronounced Hermes as Mercury, just as the ancient Romans did. Don't you hate videos that start out with a commercial? I've been driving my one-syllable Porsche automobiles for over 50 years now and will not submit to a two-syllable pronunciation at this late date no matter who objects. Ferdinand wouldn't mind.

  5. If I'm speaking in my own language I'll say any of those names in my own accent. I think it sounds stupid when people change their accent mid sentence and use sounds that aren't present in their own language.

  6. Loewe wasn't correct though. Oe = ö, and you have to pronounce it like "e" with lips trying to get "o". Yeah, funny. It's a german umlaut (Loewe came to Spain from Germany).

  7. Okay these pronunciations are only if you speak a Latin language and have the accent.
    1. Hermès= ermay
    2. Adidas=Adydas
    3.Balmain= Balmanm ( you pronounce the n but you also don't so its kinda confusing )
    4. Loewe= Loewve
    5. Moschino= Moskinow
    6. Versace= Versachi
    7. Nike= Nikee
    8. Thierry Mugler= Tierry Mugle
    9. Saint Laurent= San louran
    10. Ralph Lauren= no need for pronunciation lol
    11. Givenchy= Givanshe
    12. Porsche= Porsha
    Hope this helped!

  8. @English with Lucy I like your channel. I like the way you deliver your knowledge. BTW Loewe is a German brand and is pronounced Löwe. Greetings from Munich

  9. I have one question is that makeup on your face or did you just look at my sister like your face is pale

  10. lets ignore the fact that Adidas is originally a German brand, Versace is Italian, Balmain is French, Porsche is German aswell. What is 'English with Lucy' trying to tell us..

  11. You forgot HELMUT LANG. The A in LANG pronounced as O so it sounds as LONG. It’s origin is AUSTRIAN so this is the correct pronounciation.

  12. You almost look like a girl i knew in my grade named Elizabeth that was an absolute annyoing B and and attention seeking. You look pretty tho

  13. Wait !! What ? boy friend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Thanks for your work. Do you want to do it unconscious.<=was meant in a helping way..girl I know that ah-thing. I need my roots

  15. hermes should actually be pronounced more like air-meis or air-mei. in French, that accent above the e (which I can't actually replicate on this keyboard :[ ) turns that eh sound into an ei. s sounds at the ends of words are also often silent, but not always.

  16. As a German it's always so frustrating, when nobody here in the uk is able to pronounce German brands correctly. VW is not we double u…. And BMW is not b m double u…

  17. OK, so why is it Ni-KEEEE ? So many words written in a similar way: like, strike, site, bite, white – none of these is pronounced that way. I likeeee you !

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