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Every day we throw heaps of leftovers and scraps out which could actually be used to regrow fruits, vegetables, and herbs completely free of charge. Not only can we save money, but also reduce our carbon footprint. These fruits, vegetables, and herbs can all be purchased just once, and then regrown forever! Start out with a firm, healthy, organic sweet potato if it’s starting to sprout, all the better as that gives you a head start. Place your sweet potato into a jar of water, immersing most of it in, but allowing a couple inches to be above water. Be sure to change your water out occasionally to prevent molding. Place your jar with the sweet potato into an area that gets sunlight, you’ll start seeing sprouts. When the sprouts are four to five inches long, pull them off the sweet potato, which will grow more sprouts. Place the sprouts in water – you can use the same jar. When the sprout is well rooted, plant it in a hill of soil that’s about 10 inches high. All you need is a piece of sprouting ginger to regrow more. The root that you choose to plant should be plump with tight skin, and not shriveled and old. It should also have a few eye buds on it. Soak the ginger root in warm water overnight first. Then, fill a pot with well-drained potting soil. Place the ginger root with the eye bud pointing upwards in the soil and cover with 1 to 2 inches of soil; water well. Place your ginger in a spot that doesn’t get too much bright sunlight, but does stay fairly warm. Use a spray bottle to keep the soil moist. Ginger doesn’t grow quickly, but in several weeks you’ll begin to see shoots popping out of the soil. It’s ready for harvest about 3 to 4 months after growth begins. You can grow your carrots in water by cutting the tops off of a carrot you bought at the grocery store. You’ll need about an inch of the root. Stick a toothpick into either side of the stump and then balance it on top of a glass. Now, fill your glass with water, allow it to barely touch the bottom edge of the stump. Place it in an area that gets sunlight, adding water when necessary so that it continues to touch the edge. You’ll see green sprouts in the top of the carrot within a week, and small white roots will grow from the bottom in about the same amount of time. If you want to grow green onions indefinitely, it’s ridiculously easy. This is all you have to do: put a bunch of scallions with their roots into a glass filled with water and put the glass in a sunny spot like a window. Cut off what you need to use for cooking, and your green onions will literally regrow almost overnight! This is an especially clever idea for re-growing celery from the base and it’s nearly as simple as re-growing onions all you do is chop celery stalks from the base of celery you’ve purchased from the supermarket and use it like you normally would. Rinse it off and put it into a small bowl of warm water on a sunny windowsill. Make sure that the base side is facing down, while the cut stalks face upright. You’ll need to change out the water every couple of days, and use a spray bottle to water the base of the celery where the leaves are growing out. After a week has passed, you can transfer your celery base to a planter and cover it up, except for the leaf tips, using a mixture of potting soil and dirt. Water it generously and you’ll see growth really take off. Re-growing leeks is similar to re-growing green onions, extremely easy. Place a bunch of leeks with their roots downwards in a shallow glass container that’s filled with water. Cut off what you need to use in your kitchen for now, and leave the rest in the glass. Place the glass on a sunny windowsill, and occasionally change the water while the leeks begin to regrow themselves. Along with celery and onions, bok choy can also be re-grown. Like re-growing celery, all you have to do is chop us the bok choy you plan to cook with from the base, and then place it face up in a small bowl of warm water. It may even begin to regenerate quicker than your celery, sometimes as fast as overnight. In a couple of weeks, you can transfer it to a container of its own and continue growing it in soil. Choose the largest bulbs you can find. Separate the garlic head into individual cloves just before planting, and then fill up a container with well-drained soil that’s light and fluffy. Make a hole using your finger that’s about twice the depth of the clove. Press down very firmly as you fill up the hole with soil and water it well. Keep it watered regularly until it flowers, or about a month before harvest which allows the bulbs to dry out. It’s ready when about one-third to one-half of the leaves have turned brown and wilted. Regrowing basil is so easy. Look for a stem that has 6 or more leaves on it. The longer the stem the better. Use scissors to cut the stem from the rest of the bunch. Cut the top leaves or the flowers off and the bottom leaves off right at the point of origin or where it meets the stem. Place it in a jar of water, and then watch it grow. You should see roots in about a week. Lemongrass is fantastic in stir-fries, and it’s really easy to grow too. All you do is take the stalks you purchase at the store and put them into a jar with about an inch of water. That’s it. Within two days the roots will sprout. Just keep changing the water, and in three or four weeks, it should have two inches of roots so that it can be transplanted to soil. Gently strip away all leaf sets on the stem, leaving on a couple of new leaves at the top of the cutting. Place it in a shallow bowl of water, making sure the water covers both sets of leaf nodes that were previously stripped away. Now, all you do is wait, making sure the water level is above the leaf nodes and switched out once a week. Once the cutting roots, we can take anywhere from a few weeks to well over a month, let it remain in the water another 5 days to get stronger before planting it in soil.

James Carver

100 Replies to “11 vegetables and herbs You Can Buy Once and Regrow Forever – Gardening Tips”

  1. I've only been able to regrow green onions like this 3 times before they are growing in white. Next time I'm going to try to plant in soil or look for a way to feed it.

  2. You can't legally buy seeds or food for the intention of regrowing . It's against the federal seed act . Neither can you let a crop grow longer than one season

  3. Inaccurate! you cannot re grow carrots this way you can only grow the green tops that are basically useless, unless your aim is to get seeds from them. you will not get a new plump orange carrot underneath the green sprout!

  4. You must have more time, energy and space than I have. I'd rather buy the stuff. I used to garden but I'm no spring chicken any more.

  5. Yes i remember doing this back in 80s when i was a much younger man, i took one of the easiest trees to sprout roots with, which is the lumbardey poplar and set it in a glass half full of water in a sunny window….. That little tree is now 60 feet tall and is over two and a half feet in diameter.

  6. If you choose to regrow mint keep it contained in a pot outdoors or it will take over your garden (it will even grow down through holes in the bottom of a pot and/or burst through the sides and you will be sorry, says the voice of bitter experience). I'm liking the idea of and will test the regrowth of many of these veggies. Already snipped a few basil stalks from a straggly looking plant and plopped them into a glass of water to try this.

  7. I want to see someone replace their grass with chives. Then when time to mow the lawn use a bagger so that it's all chopped up and ready for soups or whatnots whithout the need of kitchen utensils.

    Hey… It sounds better than drinking coffee from beans that some cat or dog crapped out lol

  8. Hello

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  9. It’s cheaper to grow your own if you know how. I’m so glad for the online tutorials to teach beginners how to grow different things

  10. I had success with garlic. Everything else is either rotting in the water or growing painfully slowly.

  11. Thanks a a Lot Only This Types of Helpful Motivational Videos Are Still Exist On Earth God Bless You A Lot With Lots Of Clients May this nature wil make you a Real Millionaire of People

  12. Your video is awesome, We also grow food as well. If you can look at our video like share subscribe. We grow onions tomatoes all kind of squashes zucchini peppers. corn, okra, check out our video.

  13. Yes guys its time to be self sustainable! U never know when there be a Shortage of food.
    God bless n plse pray 4 America, Potus, Trump n team, family. Shalom.

    NB: God is Love n Salvation is for all regardless of Race, Nationality, Social Status, Political Inclination, Alternative Lifestyle etc…..Shalom n Godspeed to all….

  14. I’ve had Pak Choy, not Bok Choy?? 🧐😄Lol. I’ll definitely be trying these ideas out. It would probably be something the kids might be interested in getting involved with too. Great video, guys! 👍👌🙂

  15. Potato, green onion, ginger, garlic, carrot, celery, leek, mint, bok choy, basil & lemon grass. Like this to help other.

  16. My scallions(green oinons) grow in the bottom drawer of the fridge in a those light green produce bags that are available at the grocery store. I just cut what I need place it back for when its needed again for cooking.

  17. Wow, a regrow video that leaves out the species that will infect your area with diseases forever…. I am impressed. Thumbs up and a comment for you…. the carrot is pointless, but hey way to go with not telling people to regrow disease prone comercial plants.

  18. This is valuable information fr the prepper community , shtf people . Def going to be buying only organic root veggies and giving this a try . Thank you very very much for taking the time and effort this must have been to be our teacher and guide .

  19. I have tried growing the mint leaves 4 times. When I put them in a jar half filled water, after a few days the leaves turn brown and they stock start rotting. I then have to throw them away. What am i doing wrong?

  20. Буду имбирь выращивать, никогда не обращала внимания на глазки.

  21. I’ve successfully grown store bought cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, winter squash, pepper, melon and garlic so far

  22. All I did to regrow a scallion was stick it in the soil and give it a palmful of tap water. I could show you if I knew how to post pictures.

  23. Saya sudah pernah menumbuhkan kembali sisa sayuran, seperti seledri, pack coy, daun bawang dll yang belum pernah berhasil hanya numbuhi sisa wortel, sellau berakhir busuk saat dipindahkan ke tanah.😢😇😉😀


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  25. Error on this video, you can not regrow carrots from carrots, all you get is the carrot greens, once you have the greens growing, you plant it in soil, you can leave it in the soil, if you get the flowers, leave them on the plant, let them die out, when they have curved inward and are brown and hard, you can harvest the seeds from them and then plant the seeds to get new carrots. I actually do this for the greens for my rabbit, she won't eat them if they are just in water, they need the nutrients from the soil to give them the flavor, which she loves.

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