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99 Replies to “10 Winter Essentials | Dress Warm & Look Chic | ANN LE”

  1. im from the Philippines and i'll be migrating to canada early next year. since im from a tropical country and i have not experienced winter, this vid is very helpful! you gave me ideas on what to wear on a very cold weather. thank you so much!  ^_^ im now your new subscriber! hihi…

  2. Definitely a great video!! 🙂 I'm originally from Cali and just relocated to Reno, Nevada…3 days ago it was 0 degrees….and nothing in my closet was even ready for that kind of weather! I will definitely be searching for snow boots and a puffy jacket ASAP. ^_^

  3. Can you do a California style video? California weather is unpredictable. I find myself wearing a thick coat early in the morning, then sweat in the afternoons… 🙁 

    I also love this video cuz I want to go to school in the north east, so this will be very helpful! 😀

  4. winter was not that great this year in New Jersey. 🙁 We didnt have much snow. It only snowed about twice this winter! Also, it reached about 60 degrees the other day! 

  5. Ann, you should
    Do makeup tutorials (everyday makeup routine) it looks like a lot of people like your makeup and I especially do as well!

  6. Very cute and stylish!!! Thanks this actually helps a lot because I am always cold where I live and now I can still be cute!!

  7. I also LOVEEEE chambray shirts… I've gotten my mom to take me to old navy 4 times in the last week just to see if the shirts were on sale… 😂😂

  8. Your makeup looked extra beautiful here Ann <3 And it's normal here in Southern Alifornia doesn't get too cold and rains once in a while cx haha

  9. I am in Myanmar, so the winter isn't that cold usually. However, this year, 2013, it is getting a bit colder than the usual. But we still care more about fashion than the weather, since it is not very cold.

  10. I live in Massachusetts as well and I'm so happy that I found a more realistic video for fashion when living in such colder climates. This is amazing!

  11. We live here in Estonia. This winter -18 so we usually wear fur coat, hat & scarf. But your videos are very helpful, very fashionable. I like it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. love these Dress it yourself vids but i miss your DIY face stuff like that blackhead clearing one you did a long time ago! hope you consider making those vids again

  13. Well theres always next year to use these ideas because it is warming up down south even though we had a crazy ice storm! nonetheless great vid. Ann!

  14. my goodness this winter has been so terribly cold!! i live in canada and omg brrrrrrrr!!!!! these are great tips! so practical!

  15. Omg I love this woman!!! I live in London and im all about the fashion life but its hard to live that life when it is always cold!!!!!! Thank you so much and can you do more casual outfits for everyday look

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  17. I found this super helpful since we might be moving to Boston possibly in a year. I lived in the UK but I don't think it was really that cold.

  18. I live in the Caribbean so there's no winter. And I'm going Russia in a few weeks so I'm pretty excited but scared to see how I'll adapt to the weather=D

  19. I'd like to share this
    Other than that, thanks for the great video, I searched and searched for layering in winter for office and couldn't find good advice with illustrations, though this one isn't for office wear, but it's still helpful.

  20. Hi Ann, I found you finally! I'm Portuguese, and there is a long time that I'm looking for an interesting native english speaker, with whom I can practise and improve my english skills. I love your outfits and I realy want to follow you. Thank you.

  21. Omg I just came across your channel and I'm loving it! I moved to Utah in mid summer not knowing how cold it could get here in the winter and your videos are so helpful… especially since I'm job hunting during the cold season. Keep them coming I need great ideas on staying warm….. Thank you!

  22. oh my god i've been looking for videos with a REAL tips/essentials for winter and I'm so glad to find yours! most videos show their essentials which I think are only fashion essentials and this is the first time I came across your essentials on thermals and wicking socks! thanks so very much! i live in asia where it's hot all year roudn and i'm travelling to australia soon and i am really in need of tips and knowledge on the essentials to keep me warm. so thank you and i'll be looking for thermals and wicking socks now!

  23. I'm planning to go to Winter Country January Next year and I have no idea which kind of coats that I have to buy to stay warm. Plus I'm from Tropical country and It's my 1st time to travel to winter county. Thank You

  24. I'm from mass as well. the wind was crazy today. you are absolutely right. I love my sweaters but they're all fitted. That was my mistake because I love my leggings as well. I need longer sweaters.

  25. Hi Ann,you mention skinny.I have a question,do I need to get those skinny that is one size bigger because of the thermal or just pick the same size I usually wear.Love from Singapore!thanks

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