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welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen I hope you’re all healthy and happy I know that we’ve all been locked
in for a little while it is March 2020 and I know that people are spending a
lot of time at home and you’re not going out to the grocery stores as much so I
thought maybe you might want to make some bread and I know a lot of you have
bought flour because I was at the grocery store a few days ago to get some
milk and I noticed that there was no flour in the grocery store so we’re
gonna make a very simple loaf of no need bread very few ingredients you probably
have them all in your house the only one you might not have is yeast but I also
noticed that the yeast was sold out and if you don’t have yeast I make
essentially the same loaf of bread in another video using sourdough and since
we’re spending time at home you might want to start a sourdough culture so in
this bowl I have some all-purpose flour all-purpose flour
works just fine for this loaf of bread if you have bread flour you can use that
although the hydration will change a little bit to this I’m going to add some
salt and I’m using coarse sea salt or kosher salt and I just put that right
into the flour mix it in a little bit it doesn’t have to be perfect next in is
yeast now this recipe uses quick rise instant yeast but you could use regular
yeast they are essentially the same yeast just packaged a little bit
differently now the difference between the two yeasts is just the way that it’s
packaged and so the instant yeast is in a much finer finer grain than the active
yeast which means that it dissolves easier and you just sprinkle that in on
top of the flour now you don’t have to hydrate this yeast the whole idea with
this yeast is that it will dissolve quickly in the flour when you put the
water in if you’re using the regular act of dry yeast
I would dissolve it in the water first and if you’re worried about your yeast
wait for it to bloom and you don’t need to add sugar you can’t add sugar you
don’t need to add sugar the way the yeast is packaged it’s in a little a
tiny fine little grain and inside that grain is everything that the yeast needs
to get going so there’s nutrients in there to start it off the sugar is
superfluous not needed so next I have water
and you’ll notice this is all by volume I know a lot of people get freaked out
that you’re supposed to do it by weight you don’t have to bread is an art as
much as it’s a science and the other part to that is I’m using this
particular flower where you live you may get an all-purpose flour that is made
from different types of wheat that is ground differently either finer or
coarser all of that it’s going to change how much water you need so pretty much
every bread recipe is just a guideline you need to figure it out by feel and I
know that sounds daunting but don’t let it be daunting don’t let that stop you
it’s very easy to figure out and if you need to add a little bit more water to
kind of get this consistency go ahead and add a little bit more water and if
it’s too liquidy add a little bit more flour I don’t know that you can really
fail with this it’s gonna be fine you’ll figure it out okay I’m looking at this
maybe a little bit more water so don’t put in too much at a time if you need to
get a tablespoon and just put in a tiny little bit it doesn’t take much small
increments and we just continue mixing with a fork now gluten development the
reason this can be no need is because it is a wetter sloppier dough there’s a
triangle of gluten development and not to get too crazy technical but the three
things in the Triangle are time water and mechanical so mechanical is needing
time and water are the other two points so if you’ve got a wetter dough and time
so this is a wetter dough with lots of time you don’t need mechanical the
gluten will form so I think that’s good I think we’re good now
so this just gets a lid and it’s gonna sit on the counter for 8 to 12 hours you
don’t need to set a timer you don’t need to set a stopwatch if it’s 1415 hours
you’re gonna be fine if it’s 24 hours you’ll still be fine you could put this
in the fridge if you wanted to and come back to it a couple days from now that
would be fine but if you make this in the morning you can have bread for
supper if you make this after supper you can
bread tomorrow morning so on to the counter see tomorrow and so that’s what
it’s gonna look like a bit of a ragged mess bubbles poking through you’re gonna
look at it and say that’s never gonna work trust me it’s gonna work now I’ve
got a screaming hot oven 450 degrees it is preheated at this point and I’ve have
an enameled Dutch oven you could use any Dutch oven this one is five quarts
there are also clay Baker’s that you could use but probably what you have is
a pot now if all you have is a stainless steel pot as long as it has a heavy lid
that can go in the oven everything is fine and make sure that if you’re
putting a pot in the oven that the handles or the or the handle on the top
are oven safe to this temperature so I’m gonna put that in for 50 you want your
pot to be screaming hot screaming hot now next step because these are trying
times perhaps you don’t have as much yeast as you’d like to have and you
don’t want to go to the grocery store to get more yeast and you’re thinking
what’s gonna happen if I run out of yeast this is not part of the recipe but
this will help you out just grab a little piece but the size of a walnut
and I’m gonna put that in that in that bowl and we’re gonna forget about it for
a moment now this this one you just want to kind of put your fingers underneath
and lift it over turn the bowl underneath and lift it over and you’re
just folding it and it’s going to be sticky and it’s gonna stick to your
fingers and it’s gonna be okay so fold it over grab it and fold it over this is
essentially your folding what’s happening inside the bread you’re
strengthening the crumb you’re strengthening the bread eventually and
just do that now you go around six nine ten times something like that doesn’t
really take too much and during this folding you’re going to see how the
texture of the dough changes very very quickly and it’s not going to be as
sticky by the time you get to the can turn so there you go now what’s the
folding is done I’m gonna transfer it to another Bowl clean hand dough hand clean
hand into the bag of flour and this is multigrain flour you don’t have
multigrain flour just use a little bit of all-purpose and just sprinkle some in
the bottom sprinkle some on top now I just want to transfer this into the bowl
with the other flour it’s going to look messy and then I’m going to put a little
bit of flour on top and we just want to coat the dough with that flour that’s
going to keep it from sticking when it goes into the pot when we cook it and at
this point you’re good put the cover back on top and leave it for a better
another half hour now this little piece of dough that we left
becomes our starter for tomorrow’s bread or the bread that we’re going to make
the day after tomorrow now to this you just want to add I’d say a cup of water
and you can do this by volume you don’t have to be exact it’s very forgiving and
about a cup of flour again you don’t have to be exact it’s very very
understanding put together just take a spoon and mix it into a slurry and it’s
just going to be a loose runny slurry once it’s all mixed together I’m gonna
put a lid on it and depending on what I’m going to use it if I’m going to use
it the day after tomorrow I’ll stick it in the fridge I’m gonna use it tomorrow
I’ll just leave it on the counter and what’s going to happen is the yeast that
was in that little walnut that we took out of that bread is going to grow and
activate and then tomorrow we can make bread or focaccia or anything pizza
dough and we just take a little bit of this and we put it in and then we feed
this and it becomes like sourdough starter except it’s not sour although
over time it will become sour it’ll become very flavorful this is just a
cheater way to extend yeast if you’re running out
which you know very well may so as you can see it’s just gloopy really gloopy
really loose lid on and I’m gonna set this aside now all of this is extremely
hot so be very careful next step is to just transfer the dough out of this bowl
into the pot and if you’ve floured it well it’s not going to stick too much
and you’ll be able to pick it up and dump it in just like that put your
gloves back on don’t grab the lid and just put it back on that is my first
thing I would always just go grab the lid don’t do that put your gloves back
on now this will go back into the oven 450 degrees half an hour with the lid on
and then 20 to 30 minutes with the lid off and you need to use your own
discretion there just take a look at it look at it very carefully and of course
if you’re using an instant-read thermometer there is no guessing
necessary bread is cooked when the internal temperature is 190 degrees
Fahrenheit all right friends Glenn bread bread I’m
excited I do like fresh bread so um it’s not gonna win any awards at the fair for
beauties so but this is it is a very bass very basic looking loaf we don’t
you don’t shape it which is part of what scares a lot of people it scares me when
I bake bread no the process of shaping it oh yeah I mean I do get now I will
also add that my cousin Leon also makes this bread a lot and she often throws
other things in it so she’ll put some rosemary with some olives in it black
olives you know there’s lots of ways that you can you can the same kinds of
things that you might throw on a focaccia yeah you might put into this
bread and just hold them in a minute it would be in in that at that point where
you fold it over six six seven times and then do that last rising yeah so good I
mean I mean your butter let’s say nobody just start with how I’m gonna have
butter cuz I like butter now that this is such an easy loaf
it’s a flavorful loaf you know yeah it’s not it’s not fine French patisserie
technique it’s rustic but if you are at home and you’ve never made bread before
or you’re you know and you want to try out making bread this is a daily bread
in your home and you find it got a bit more time than usual because you can’t
I’m not gonna say it’s no fail but it’s pretty close pretty close to no fail
although now is also a great time to learn to make bread because you’ve got
the time to go back and visit something every couple of hours
mmm so I’ve got that piece of dough that I choke out of here
I made that slurry in a couple of days I’m gonna come back and we’re gonna make
this loaf again using that reserved east and so that gives you if you’re worried
about not having enough yeast to get through the current crisis this sort of
gives you that longer-term goal and you’re going to find if you continue to
make bread with that leftover yeast that the flavour is going to change and
eventually you’re going to end up with something close to a sourdough and it
we’ll be amazing if you take that journey so thanks for stopping by please
stay well stay safe don’t panic everything’s gonna be fine I’ll do your
best not to eat it all at once really good have little be gone in the next
hour if we keep it the way we usually do it see you again soon you

James Carver

100 Replies to “市 Stuff In Our Cupboard No Knead Bread Recipe”

  1. Thanks for watching Everyone! We hope you are all safe and healthy. The full recipe is in the description box If you don't have yeast and still want / need bread; check out our SourDough series:

  2. We actually ran out of flour today. I was making banana bread and decided to sub in a bit of rolled oats to make up for the shortage of flour and it turned out okay. Dunno when we will make getting more flour a priority… What I really need to buy is one of those dutch ovens though!

  3. That's really great crumb for such a quick throw in the pot. I waste time trying to shape mine, this is the way!

  4. Quarantine time in the kitchen Now if they can just deem our work place non-essential, I can stay home, avoid public transportation and make this! Really loving this serie. Thanks for rising to the occasion

  5. I made a similar bread over the weekend using water left over from boiling potatoes, ended up with a very serious sourdough flavor even with just 5 hours of of rising.

  6. Bread is one of the few foods I've made at home that I never thought was worth the effort. Knead the dough forever, wait a while, knead, wait, punch, wait, and on all day. It's a massive time sink – especially if you don't have a stand mixer. I'd generally much rather pay 2 or 3 bucks for a nice professional loaf from the bakery.
    I think I'll give this a shot, though. It seems pretty simple.

  7. I have never not used sugar along with the salt flour and yeast. Ima try it. Great video and message. Love from Nebraska!

  8. I just made some dough and it's sitting on the counter. This is my first time ever making bread. We'll see how it turns out in the morning after I throw it in the oven.
    EDIT: I wish I could add a picture to this comment. My bread turned out excellent! I seriously cant believe I did this without screwing it up!

  9. That is a heck of a loaf!
    Can't do anything wrong. Remember: Bread is not a modern and fancy invention. Make bread, guys (and share it to people who are needy! )!…

  10. That looks great, I am going to have to try it. We forgive the soft focus, at least it was not the White Balance being off.

  11. Do. This. When you get the hang of it it's loads better than store bought and you can make it exactly like you prefer. Mine costs about 30 cents a loaf and compares to $5 loaves at the store. I spend about 15 minutes active time per batch.

  12. Thanks, how cool. I got all purpose flour and baking powder to make Indian fry bread. It is delicious with honey and so eady and quick. Be safe everyone

  13. Oddly, I got into bread making last fall. I already had a stockpile of yeast and flour long before the world was turned upside down. BTW, Glen, you should consider a video on sourdough bread and how to make a starter and how to care for it. Some people might need it if yeast becomes hard to find in their area.

  14. Thank you so much. Tonight before I saw this video I got out my moms bread recipe and tried my hand at it. It turned out good! I look forward to trying your recipe, and making the starter too! Take care all!!

  15. You can pick up a cheap bread machine for less then the cost of that dutch oven lol.
    I got one, for $30, and i put in flour, water, yeast, salt, press 'on' lol.

  16. Perfect. The yeast supply is a issue here. I have been asked how to extend it… so I shared you vid to teach them how…. just like a beer starter….without the stir plate.

  17. Thank you for adding the "American" measurements (as opposed to the metric) on the recipe. It's one less thing I will have to convert in order to make the bread. I didn't realize how easy sourdough was to make (more like it evolves). I've heard stories of hundred-year-old sourdough starters, now I understand how that is done. The bread looked beautiful to me!

  18. When you said "It's going to be okay" It was quite comforting, even going beyond baking bread. Thanks for caring and spreading positive feelings.

  19. It looks delicious. Makes me want apologize to all of the carbs I've abandoned over the last two years.

  20. Timing is everything. Tomorrow is bread day … and only needs to be a "go to" bread. Sourdough next time, but right now I ran out.
    Wet hands – dough sticks WAY less.
    Terrific recipe … and for those who weigh everything (like me) I "THINK" these are the correct equivalences:
    ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 875ml = 462g
    SALT 7ml = 7g (I think 7.5 if Kosher)
    INSTANT YEAST 2ml = 1g
    WATER 450ml = 450g (well, it is water)
    If you find different equivalences that you like, use them. I'm using these right now. lol

  21. I don't know if it matters that much, but when I mixed in the water I did it by hand and not with a fork and it came out super liquidy…
    I fixed it but does it matter that muchm

  22. Glenn I just wanna say you're keeping me sane right now. Keep up the good work mate.i combined a few of your recipes today to make a sweet potato and carrot soup and in it I put the potato dumplings (can't remember what you called them lol and finally I made your no knead bread to dip into it so again thanks and keep those videos coming

  23. Wow I learned a lot. Specially the yeast thing. Though can I leave that yeast mixture outside in a tropical country?

  24. Hello! I stumbled across your no knead bread video, and was impressed. Thank you for making recipes easy to follow, without all the fluff!! Im hooked, and will be binge watching more of your videos. Quarantined in Indiana

  25. Hey Glen! An even easier form of bread would be tortillas! Flour tortillas utilizing used bacon or cooking fat would be awesome

  26. This will be the perfect guide for when we dive into this endeavor at home. Never done it before, so it will be interesting. Thanks for posting this!

  27. I don't even know where to find yeast… I've never seen yeast at my supermarket… I wonder if it's possible to make bread without it.

  28. I made this today and it's by far the best tasting and easiest bread I've ever made, and I'm an experienced bread baker. It was so freeing to not be worrying about 72.5% hydration and weighing everything within an inch of it's life. Thanks Glen for taking the stress out of what truly should be a fairly simple task. This is my new go-to recipe. I made it my own by using bread flour and about 1 cup of whole wheat, instead of all A.P.

  29. I made bread for the first time in a few years this weekend. I'll have to try this one, too. It looks pretty great.

  30. Tomorrow there will be fresh bread for lunch, I went for 疇 slightly drier dough, 500g flour to 400g water. I must remember to save some slurry. I really want to find out how that flavor is going to develop.

  31. "we just take a little bit of this and we put it in, and we feed this…" [about minute 8:37] in relation to the starter.
    I find I need a little more guidance on how much a "little bit of this"is, 1 cup, 1 翻 cups, a tablespoon? When you say "put it in", as part of the web ingredients, or in addition to the wet ingredients.

  32. Sir, the only problem with your ingredients is yeast. Do you know how hard it is to find yeast on the grocery shelf, IMPOSSIBLE! Don't even try to buy it online because of over inflated price gougers .
    They are wanting $ 30 to infinity dollars for a 4oz jar of yeast. I have found that you can substitute with equal amounts of baking soda and lemon juice or buttermilk.

  33. This is the exact recipe that Jenny can cook uses for her little individual bread rolls. They are yummy, I've made them, and I'll try this recipe too for the bread……stay safe……

  34. I spent the last week trying to get my sourdough starter going again. Today I gave up picked up a still warm French loaf at the store… I have at least 2 more weeks for my starter to get going.

  35. Im in NYC and I just made bread yesterday (since we cant go to work!) mine came out super heavy though. I used instant yeast and I think I added the salt to the water yeast mix, plus I read I should have kneaded it longer @[email protected] This looks easier! Thank you

  36. Great job and simple. Been reading a lot of bread books lately, seems like the no kneads are more fun and tasty, no offense to all the intelligent bakers out there, but that loaf seems like it would rank pretty high on the list taste wise especially lightly toasted w/ butter & plum jam. Thanks!

  37. I have one in the oven right now that is about to come out. I used my sourdough starter instead of yeast. Let's see how it is.

  38. I'm eating some crusty homemade bread slathered in butter as I type. It's been out of the oven for all of 15 minutes. Still have about 10 lbs of flour in the pantry. Easy peasy.

  39. I started sourdough baking on 22 december and it's a real pleasure to see the whole proces .I also bake yeast bread and patisserie,it's very welcome during this periode.Thanks and stay safe.

  40. Good stuff Glen, unfortunately all the yeast here in the UK has been absent from the shelves for some time… Still, I guess that means others are discovering the joy of making their own bread, which is something my parents did, and all before them.

  41. I appreciate how you explained the directions, and the simplicity of how easy it really is to make bread…Very nicely done!

  42. All-purpose flour? From the all-purpose plant? There is no such thing as 'all-purpose flour' or 'bread flour'. Corporate nonsense. Flour comes from a seed from a plant. The name of the plant/seed is most commonly the name of the flour. I think you know this, so stop being such a tool and stop participating in dumbing people down.

  43. That was a great video. You did a great job of explaining the difference in the yeasts, look forward to trying this very soon and I love the idea of making the starter in case you run out of yeast . It was very helpful. Stay safe.

  44. I'm making this for a few of my neighbors! I'm just going to leave a note with the loaf and put it on the porches…could you make it with whole wheat flour?

  45. Put your pot in as you preheat your oven if you don't have a high quality pot like a la'cruset.

    Love this video.

  46. Thanks for sharing this Greg. I made some this morning and it turned out amazing. You were 100 % right about this being fairly easy to remedy if its not perfect right off the bat. I ended up with a super sticky dough after 12 hours and a bit of extra flour during the folding Did the trick.

  47. Where I live, people are not listening. I see the same people going out to the stores everyday and saying I won't get sick or a ticket I'll say "i'm going to the store or pharmacy" I watch this from my window and talk to people passing by just not close to my window.
    I will be getting another dutch oven, learned my lesson about loaning things out again.

  48. He stuck his hands in the dough 5:53 and I screamed internally and I checked the title to ensure it was, in fact, a no-knead recipe. Then he said, "it's gonna be sticky, it's gonna stick to your fingers and…. Its gonna be okay…"
    And somehow, I did. I suddenly felt okay. 仄儭

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