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Hi guys, and my Ryunas
It’s Kyung-Ah from Ryu’s Penna
(Fashion Youtuber traveling life) Today, I prepared a makeup video with a slightly different hair color. I hope you enjoy it and write your comments. I’m not a makeup specialist, so I might lose my skills. I took off my glasses and put on my contacts. Why am I so stupidly mouth open? 😛 get rid of a little of one’s Apply foundation all the way, hit it with a cushion, and press it down. It’s a light but beautiful foundation that I’ve changed recently changed. I used most of them, but I’m hiding the bear with the Zahn Sun Conductor. In a bright concierge, I apply only the parts that we want to make light. There are a lot of places that I want to make light.LOL I can see that I’m almost finished with this product, too Personally, I like the highlight of the slightly thicker pearl. I use most of the makeup videos that I’m using, so I’m going to try a little bit more from now on. I usually only apply it around my cheekbone, but since it’s an E-GIRL makeup, I’ll also brush the middle of my nose. The brush goes straight to the ridge. And then we start to tighten the contours of the face. I’m going to apply only the part of my chin that I want to make smaller. Add the highlights to your cheeks and nose tips. I’ve been using this pallet for quite a long time. It’s already red…but And we make eye makeup out of the sparkling brown-tone shadow. It’s really used up, but I usually uses this to act cute. And finally, I’m going to draw this dark child very strongly. a suitable viewer It seems to be a feature of thickening the makeup a little darker than usual. The sun is falling, so understand the irregularity of the sunlight. And finally, I’m going to draw a heart underneath my eyes, which is a characteristic of E-GIRL. I stick my false eyelashes on, which I don’t usually wear very well. Since the eyebrows are false eyelashes, I draw them a little longer than usual. And I’m going to lay out these two lips in Daily. The next one is making freckles. So I’m going to transform my hair I’m worried when I use wigs because there’s a problem with my piercing these days. E-GIRL make-up uses a lot of pink, but I use gray. I style with this wig, it’s done.

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