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Hello, everyone. It’s Kangna. It seems to be a little bit late, but, I’ll film my coat haul that I bought this year. ‘What good does it do if you haul coats only now’ ‘It doesn’t help at all’, you could think like this But I indeed like to wear coats in the middle of the winter, because I am a “Die for coats’ person Unless it is a freezing cold day, I tend to wear a turtleneck or underclothes and wear a coat with many layers inside. Even if what you wore inside isn’t that good, if you put a good coat over it, you look fancy and you look like you put some effort in there and that’s why I like wearing coats. So I bought many coats this year. I bought various colours and designs, so I’ll boast them to you. Make sure you hit the subscribe and like button before we begin and also make sure to comment after the video. Firs product to show you is this, from It Michaa. It is a handmade product. Honestly, it is too thin to wear it in the wintertime but it’s good to wear it during late fall or early winter and above all things, this colour, turquoise is very rare in coats and I bought it for that. Also the design is little peculiar if you see here there is a hood in the back. This is not to put it over your head, it is connected to the collar, so it’s like a wing? It’s a product worn like that. There is only one button like this as you can see. So, you can close it but I wore it unbuttoned because it makes the fit better, and it’s an oversized cloak? You wear it with these types of style. When you look at the top part of this, it’s really cute. This collar is very large as you see. So you can wear it to be cute but just to a right extent since the weighty turquoise colour balances the cuteness a little. I think so. Cute? Next, this one, This product was already introduced to you in the other haul. It’s from CC Collect and I bought it cheap because it was from previous season. I am showing you this because today’s video is haul video but not styling video, honestly, I don’t wear so often. I don’t really wear it often. I have many coats from CC Collect. I bought a lot last year and I personally like the brand, so I generally like their product but this one is a fail. First reason is that it is really heavy It is not that warm, but it’s really heavy and although I don’t really mind the weight, its design doesn’t really go with me well. It feels too…. framed? it’s square shaped? If you see here, there are pads in side the shoulders so it is really angular. Although I have small shoulders, because there are pads inside, angled shoulders don’t really go with me well. Looks pretty when you see it this way. It is pretty, but it’s just not my style? If it wasn’t feeling so framed and angular I would’ve worn it a lot because I like check patterns. But it’s too square and I would rather have shorter version of this, if you see this, it is really long very long. down to there? It goes down to there so it feels a little too much. Rather than wearing it casually, you kind of have to match the clothes you wear inside as well so because I am a lazy person, I don’t really wear it. It’s not like this product is bad. It’s just that I don’t wear it often, when I still wear them, they are pretty. Next, this one, you guys know Slowand, right? It’s a very famous shopping mall. It’s from Slowand, I frequently wore a jacket from Slowand last fall. So I bought it because I was curious about their coats and because I didn’t buy too many half coat this year and I wanted to buy one. I usually look at the wool percentage when I buy coats. Not the ones from the department store but in case of the ones from smaller brands I buy the coats that have over 80% of wool but only 60% of this coat is wool. Therefore, it was under 100,000 won although it is a coat. It seems like everything with enough wool, even from smaller brands, is over 200,000 won. But this one was under 100,000 won and I didn’t buy this to be warm but I bought it to wear it casually. The trend for coats is these types of coats that are oversized and large? but as short people may know, when these coats are worn by short people, it looks like they are wrapped around a baby blanket. So I usually don’t prefer those but since everything is like that recently, and I wear many layers under the coat I’ve been buying oversized coats, wait, how did we get here? Anyways, I wanted to tell you that it’s an oversized coat. Can you see it is short like the? I am 158cm tall and this goes down to the half point between my thighs and knees. If you see, you can button up the inside of the sleeves to make it tighter like this. You can close it like that to wear it straight fit. If you see, two different styles. Can you see that? I was thinking to return this when I received it first. Because it makes arms look short. Arms look very short. And when I pick a coat, this armhole, the sleeve? is very important. Because I cannot wear something thick under the coat if it is to narrow. But if it is too wide? Then the entire coat come up as I raise my arms. And my arms look very short because the shoulder lines are down here? Anyways, I was thinking about returning them for those reasons, but it was good to wear considering the price. When I wear it, I can just wear it casually. Conclusion. I wear it pretty often. Next, this is the coat from CC Collect I showed you in the haul. I purchased this very cheaply from the last season And I wore this very well It is a little bit too thin to wear it in the middle of the winter So I wore this in the beginning of winter and end of fall At the time I purchased this because I really wanted this color It looks good with any type of clothing And it was very comfortable that I wore it when I went out near home There are no separate buttons and you are supposed to close it like this And the length is about this long! It is a long coat but it’s not too long. Just the perfect length. This one doesn’t need any more words. The design and the color are easy to match with anything And it is good for a formal look too. So I really think it was a good choice to buy this But, even though it is not a very cheap brand, it is very weak to fluffs Next is a product that I really love I wear this a lot these days and I really like the design of this It is handmade and it is a mustard color Since I look good in yellow I like this because it is a color that suits me well IF you see, the collar part is a little big and sharp And if you see this, this is called raglan There is a diagonal line near the shoulders I don’t really like this type of design but this one was cute even with this So it’s cute if you just leave it open like this And most of all, the most pretty thing about this is that it looks so cute when all the buttons are closed up If I go like this, I look like a flying squirrel But if you close if up to here, it falls down like a dress in an A line. It looks like a flared skirt. It’s cute right? It’s something that I wear a lot these days And when there is a waist belt like this Usually it’s supposed to be tied up in a ribbon Or it’s actually in the form of a belt But this one has buttons So it is another design that is added to it The fit is pretty large so you can wear a lot of layers inside and keep yourself warm No matter what you wear inside, if you wear this the coat itself looks like a dress But since there are a lot of designs like this, this could be a design that is only popular for the moment So I am wearing this to take advantage of it Next are coats that I really want to recommend It is from a brand called Brotar I purchased this because I wanted a blue coat It is a double coat And you are supposed to wear it like this Pretty huh? The color is very pretty And these are called Napoleon collars It looks trendy and sharp But it is not sharp on the shoulders which is easy to wear And the quality is very nice This is an online brand but the price is a little expensive So I wondered why it is expensive while I ordered but the quality was so nice It was the best quality out of all the coats that I bought this year The fit is really pretty And all the things that I consider when I buy a coat The mixture rate or the arm hole like I mentioned And something else that I consider is the button Not just for coats but when I buy clothes in general I really consider deeply If you see this is very strong and not cheap looking buttons But if you see the clothes there are really cheap looking buttons on a very pretty clothing It makes me think whether they are real buttons or not So there are clothes that just drop the quality of the clothing This one doesn’t have a feeling like that and it just feels like a coat that is well made I have the tendency to dig one hole So now that I have fallen in love with this coat I bought the same one in black It is the same exact design but just with a different color This is black but with a little bits of white fiber So it is a little fancier black It is a coat that I really enjoy wearing These are not handmade They are pretty thick so it’s a coat that I can wear up to very cold winter And as I was ordering the black one, I bought this one as well. I bought 3 from the same brand For those clothes that are not the basic items, You have to think that you will be wearing it for one season and buy a cheaper one But these basic coats The black with a regular fit I really take into consideration of the quality for these So the quality was nice so I bought it with a white one Ever since it got a little colder I have been wearing this one the most The most worn coat of this winter It is a very long coat Actually the models of this brand are pretty tall They are all over 170cm.
I, in the 150cm, bought this bravely And it turned out to be too long that I shortened the overall length of the coat If you see, if you button it, the buttons hide So it’s neat and very cute right? Very pretty huh? And luxurious. I really really loved this coat. The last one right? This is from an online brand and handmade If you see this, this looks like a trench coat That’s what I liked to purchase this I think the fiber mixture was alright But it didn’t really feel as good as I thought when I touched it It was very stiff So I was a little disappointed I think for coats, the more money you spend, the more satisfied you are But I really like the design This one is also a flare line when you tighten the belt What is this? Huh? I think I may have got something on it What is this? This is bothering me too much It feels stiff I am wearing it but it’s something that only I will know so it’s not a big problem People said that it doesn’t look stiff either Okay so I have filmed a haul video of all the coats that I bought this winter I bought many different ones right? If you enjoyed the video please like the video And even if you didn’t like it still subscribe please And I will have my instagram up here So visit it ! And we will see each other in the comments Bye~

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    여러분 안뇽!! 얼어 죽어도 코트를 입고다니는 깡나입니다

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