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Mom: let’s have the inner one Me: wagyu? Mom: yes, the middle one Who is this little lazy? Who is this little lazy, baby? Are you a mermaid? why are you lying so fancy? Mer-hairy-maid? Mer-chubby-maid? Little Jojo Gee! Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy~ Omg, so cute!!! This one is so eager Mom: he/she is trying to jump out hhh too cute alright alright you little princess Me: are you stuck by your hair or your fat? Roll: None of your business! Me: you are so lovely, why are you so cute my baby? Roll: I know This guilty but happy calory bomb, you can allow yourself enjoy it once a year you can squeeze some lemons to reduce the sweetness of caramel and enrich the flavour (but calories will remain the same) I met a new designer friend recently, and he invited me to his brand store to have a look Simplicity and minimalism style He chose some clothes for me as gifts! Candies for the spring festival I got a red pocket! Year of the Rat Free clothes I will show you what he looks like later, a very cute boy a very very very tall boy (he is younger than my brother so I call him boy) look how long his legs are This is Lysander I met him in an event and what makes me notice him is his fashion sense and style He has white skin, fit and tall He is the designer of the brand Nique, an artist Lysander: I was born in 1999. Me: so young! (but he has been working for 3 years) Me: so since you have been entered this industry, the people you met are all so young? Lysander: all 90s Me: so all… all… all teenagers for me 😅 Lysander: it’s true that most people in this industry are similar age with me Me: you are relatively young in this industry right? Lysander: yes Me: shall we go now? Cause he has to go back for work Bye bye~ I came to buy a macro lens mount but was told to wait for 6-8 weeks… I bought a leather case for my camera cause I am careless Grand Marnier (I like its orange flavour but you can use Rum, Marsala wine, Baileys etc.) Vanilla Extract (you can also add it later) There are many different recipes for Tiramisu, different process and ingredients You can use cream, albumen or both. I am gonna only use cream today Water bath till all the sugar melted (you can also skip this step and use the blender) Mascarpone Cheese (notice: other cheese cannot replace this cheese) You can use an automatic blender, and you can blend the cheese first and mix it with york later Blend the cream till firm peaks and gradually put in the mixture Gently stir the cream otherwise it will be ‘defoaming’ Let’s start grooming Good boy, you are doing so well it’s done, customer you are free to go now I only had two pieces and give the rest to my parents (let them gain weight, especially my brother 😌) It is the best to have finger lady like a sponge in the middle. If you dip in the espresso for too long, it will be too soft. Yes, I have a post-credits scene today! Now let’s welcome my friends and their significant others to show off their love for the upcoming Valentine’s day! This is Tiantian and her husband. She’s been in my Vlog many times recently Raining Saturday, they can only stay at home and watch movies Apparently, Mr Sushi is much hard-working than Mr Kendo Has to go to the supermarket for food no matter how heavy the rain is They love hotpot so much and even bought a pot from China Perfect matching: hotpot with cricket Tiantian: you wanna watch something else? Mr Tian: we can talk if you want In her mind: it’s better to watch TV 🙄 In the quarantine period, Miss Tattoo is learning cooking with her husband at home Fritters are home-made Oden (Japanese Hotpot) Making fried skewers at home she is being angry and eating… cause her husband accidentally broke his phone, but why she is angry…? cause they can’t go out, so they start playing this game: doing makeup for each other Husband: please do me well but I don’t think you are going to… Finished foundation Husband: should I swipe it on your lips? Wife: yes Husband: turn your head around Husband: are you going to start? what is this? Husband: finished? already? Wife: open your eyes! don’t move! Husband: let’s take a photo and send it to Danggui Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, HAPPY!

James Carver

100 Replies to “【SUB】当归Vlog.65 | Tiramisu | Caramelised Peaches On Toast With Brie | Craving For Sweet Food!”

  1. 之前很疑惑的就是看当归享受自己煮喜欢的食物,怎么很少做甜品烘焙来treat自己呢哈哈哈,终于!

  2. I love love loved that you made a dessert! 🥰 I’m not very good at baking or dessert making in general but your videos are super inspirational! I will definitely give this a go this weekend! Thank you for the amazing video again! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I found the eggs sold in the market by the local farmer were far more better than those in coles and woolie, 蛋白吃着是弹牙的,so impressive~

  4. 真的太喜欢了 觉得自己身上都是负能量的时候看当归的视频 一切都平静下来 重新对生活有无限的期待 什么时候都要好好生活呢 谢谢当归❤️

  5. 早餐蛋白質不太夠,蕃茄太多會太生冷。。。還加上冰咖啡傷腸胃。。所以當歸美女容易經痛。。

  6. Tiramisu 配果茶。。豪享受! And I am loving the "China Cup" version! So calming and healing as always…当归,感恩有你。提早祝你情人节快乐。❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🍫🍫🍫

  7. Thanks for this sweet video. "Shocked" by the name of the brand Nique, in France that mean "Fuck" 😉 Would you like to share with us your favorite cookbooks one day, which ones inspire you the most? Love from France

  8. 看了字幕,thickened cream……打不发….还水油分离了加到蛋液和芝士混合里之后。。。😇🤣🤣🤣

  9. 11:49 到這裡都還是一片清新
    11:58 罪惡的快樂從這裡開始!
    ……(瞠目結舌的我 完全看呆了!!!



    P.S:Happy valentines day!!!💖💖💖

  10. I don't know if you're in a romantic relationship but I love the fact that you don't need a man to buy you flowers. You grocery shop on your own and cook healthy foods. You've got a cat and lots of books and a place you call home. I love how independent you are. That's the dream life for me 💖💖 praying for it 🙏🙏🙏

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