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Greetings, dear
naturalists. Your channel is Zoo. We are collecting a great video
encyclopedia of all animals the planet. Love nature with
us, subscribe and go. White and black stripes? Or black to white? The question is worse than the dilemma
Hamlet. But what difference does it make
the answer is when crazy african the horse is ready to break
to pieces of any fangs …
Yes, you understood everything correctly. Our today’s hero is an amateur
black and white classics in clothes, furious smasher
lion skulls and ruthless infanticide. Meet the zebra. Didn’t expect to hear that
description of the well-known African cute horse? Let’s lower the degree of pathos
and talk about the characteristics ungulates rebel. The dimensions of our guest boast
can not. Maximum zebra growth
at the withers only 1.5 m, and weight – 300 kg. African in size
mustang is little different from the most ordinary pony. But on a striped mini-horse
without bruises and fractures ride will not succeed. Zebras are absolutely untamed. The only one who managed
make these work animal on itself – comrade
from the Rothschild family. In order to dance before
neighbors, he dragged the poor zebras already in England to
build a fashionable chariot. However, despite the modest
dimensions, zebras – not at all not easy prey. Firstly, their strength is in the herd. If horses are suspected
danger then they quickly going to battle circle. Inside are the young and old
outside – full of health individuals ready to cheat
the lion in the first number. By the way, they do exactly the same
and African buffalo, the video about which is on
channel. Zebras often graze nearby
with antelopes. So they warn a friend
friend about danger. Mutual assistance, however. Secondly, even lonely
zebra can set the heat unlucky random
to the predator throwing on she has her predatory gaze. In her arsenal are fangs and
hooves. With hooves everything is clear
one hit – and the skull The king of savannah will suffer
deadly. But fangs? Yes, despite all its
herbivore our striped friends really don’t
deprived of the weapons of predators. Moreover, a horse bite
no less dangerous “kusya” the same lion. And all because of constant
chewing herbs horse muscles are not developed
worse than meat eaters. Therefore zebras are ready to tear
and throw your offender into pieces, and in the
direct from all direct meanings. True, there are only fangs
in males. They help them in battles.
with other stallions for harem. But the worst inhabitants
savannas – not lions, not elephants, not a honey badger or even buffalo. Absolutely all african
residents tremble before – Parasites. Everything except the zebra! Her black and white color is simply
confusing small bastards! Contrast striped
zebra pattern just on just perceived by insects
like an inedible thing! As a result, African
horses are bloodsucking where less often than everyone else
animals of Africa! Scientists also suggest
that striped coloring saves zebras and from ordinary predators. In a big herd it’s very difficult
isolate one and it knocks down lions and hyenas
confusing. But, all of the above
fades before the main mystery, puzzled over
each of us. White and black stripes
zebra or, nevertheless, black in white? You are ready? Drum roll … right
answer: black to white! No it’s not discrimination
White on the Black Continent. Even though
it seems white in color more all foals on
embryonic stage – black. In addition, about the dark past
resembles the skin of animals. She has adult zebras too
black. Convincing evidence
this theory is famous foal in the speck. As you can see, its main
color – black, and spots white. The only ones they fear
black and white zebra stripes – their relatives. Herds of hoofed thugs
graze in the south and Southeast Africa. A group of 10-15 filly heads
alpha male with his alpha female. The main female is looking for places
watering hole. The male protects his
Dam from predators and protects them from alien males. The male often takes a hit
by protecting the herd. Pay for all of the above
charms to females in kind. Boys kicked out of the family
at 2 years old, females remain in a herd or are looking for a new
herd to continue genus. Until the stallion gets stronger
he hangs out in company their own kind
suffering to love guys. Males need their harem
to conquer in battle is not life, but to death. Novice who left sausage
the party and the beater extremely self-asserting
in a radical way. All foals born
from the previous chapter, male without hesitation trying
to kill. Nothing personal – all for the sake of
to spread your genes and destroy
descendants of a former competitor. By the way, they do exactly the same
with his new harem and lions. A video about lions, you can too
found in our video encyclopedia. Here they are, cruel
realities of Africa. There is even an ordinary horse
pony-sized turns in a real killer. Do you like the color of the zebra? Write in the comments. By the way, at the same time I ask you
write about which animal Would you like to see the following
video. Thanks for watching
this video. With you was a channel about animals
Zoo. We are collecting a great video
encyclopedia about all kinds animals of the planet. Love nature with
us. We will be very thankful
you for the feasible material development support
channel. Link in the description. See you soon.

James Carver

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